Mark Verbos

Milwaukee/Chicago/Berlin/New York

Ignoring traditional values and established methods for creating a career in music has taken Mark Verbos on a journey unlike any other producer, DJ, engineer or recording artists. Mark's interest in music began at a vary young age when he began playing instruments and reading music at the age of 5. As a teenager, his interest turned to electronic music and he began playing live sets at Drop Bass Network parties in 1993. By the mid 90's he had released several EPs of his own and began working, as an engineer, in a professional Chicago recording studio. He worked on every imaginable music style, specializing in electronic dance music, with clients including Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphie Rosario, Mike Dunn, M Doc, Braxton Holmes, Vince Lawrence and The Final Cut. At this time, Mark started his own label, Simple Answer. In the year 2000 he moved to Berlin to further persue his personal DJ and recording career. he toured throughout Europe as well as Australia. In 2003 Mark moved back to the US, this time to New York and has continued to record and produce other artists, in addition to his own music. His work with Tommie Sunshine is of particular note, having produced more than 50 remixes and several EPs together under the names Binge & Purge and simply Tommie Sunshine.
Since 2005 Mark has returned to playing live shows, completely improvised, using nothing but the analog hardware he used way back in 1993. He has received critical acclaim for performances in Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and many other cities.


12" vinyl

Mark Verbos - Acid Machine (Incorporated, US)
Mark Verbos - TB-Baby (Hyperspace, US)
Mark Verbos - Inside Out (SFX, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Centrifuge EP (Planet Rhythm, UK)
Sidney Hih - West of the River (Minimalistix, Belgium)
Mark Verbos - Beat Process (Deep Fried, US)
Mark Verbos - Compulsive Personality (Subsounds, Belgium)
Mark Verbos - No Good Reasons (Thrust, US)
45 Optimal - Rocket/Stroker Ace (Contrast, UK)
Verbos - Metabolism (AFU, Germany)
Sidney Hih - East of the River (Minimalistix, Belgium)
C-MOS - Logic Circuits (Shokoy, Germany)
Verbos - Secrets of the Universe Part 1 (Kne' Deep, US)
Verbos - No Function (Vast, Australia)
Verbos - Only a Danger to Myself (Simple Answer, US)
Heckmann & Verbos - Sequenced (Wavescape, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Impact 2000 (ReLoad, Belgium)
Mark Verbos - Chicago Dirt EP (4x4, UK)
Verbos - Culture Shock (Simple Answer, US)
Mark Verbos - American Outcast (Armalyte, Sweden)
Mark Verbos - Basic Concept (Djax-Up-Beats, Holland)
Verbos - World of Illusion (Simple Answer, Germany)
Verbos - Mechanical Process (Simple Answer, Germany)
Verbos - Dead & Buried (Dosed, US)
Mark Verbos - Resistance EP (Nitric, Belgium)
Mark Verbos - Big Brother - remixes by DJ Rush, Mike Wade, John Selway(Hyperspace, US)
Verbos - White Enamel (Simple Answer, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Quick & Dirty (Djax-Up-Beats, Holland)
Verbos - Form Is Emptiness (Simple Answer, Germany)
Mark Verbos - The Resurrection (Dosed, US)
Verbos - The System (Drop Bass Network, US)
Verbos - Licensed to Kill (Simple Answer, Germany)
Verbos - Keep it Simple (Simple Answer, Germany)
Heckmann & Verbos - Sequenced II (Wavescape, Germany)
Verbos - Disbelief (Simple Answer, Germany)
Verbos - The Invisible Man 2x12" (Simple Answer, Germany)
Verbos - One Man's Vision (Simple Answer, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Crash & Burn (Carnage, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Retroactive Rhythms (DJax-Up-Beats, Holland)
Mark Verbos - Damned for all Time  2x12" (Drop Bass Network, US)
Verbos - Crossing the Rubicon (Simple Answer, Germany)
Mark Verbos - Big Brother - remixes by Jay Haze and Selway/Turov (CSM, Germany)

Full Length

Mark Verbos - Simple Answers  CD only (X-sight/K-Tel, US)
Binge & Purge - Wait, It's Fantastic (Mental Groove, Switzerland)

Exclusive Tracks

Mark Verbos - Fantasy Land Hyperspace, US)
Mark Verbos - Enchanted (Analog UK, UK)
Mark Verbos - Alloy (Egg, US)
Mark Verbos - Humor Me (Creation Rebel, US)
Mark Verbos - Step In (Bpitch Control, Germany)
Verbos - Blow to the Head (Smartbar/Redbull/Onion "Area DJ" series)
Verbos - Struck By Lightning(Smartbar/Redbull/Onion "Area DJ" series)
Mark Verbos - Idle Hands (Gotham City Records, US)
Mark Verbos - AMB 1 (Tidy Trax, UK)


Ellen Allien - Stadtkind (Bpitch Control, Germany)
Gabe Catanzaro - Special Friend (Mental Groove, Switzerland)
Gabe Catanzaro - I Wonder Why (Viking, Switzerland)
Ascii Disco - ne travaillez jamais (LADO, Germany)
Tim Vitek - Strange Revival (HOR, US)
Brian Dunn - Nightfall (Kind, US)
Tim Xavier - P0werplanet (773Tekno, US)
Miss Djax - Sick of You (Djax-Up-Beats, Holland)
Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up [TSMV Remix]
Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight to Video [TSMV Remix]
Cowgum - Filthy & Raw (Club Filth, Germany)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Kooler than Jesus [Tommie Sunshine & Mark Verbos Mix](Red Ant Recordings, UK)
Beroshima - Dance The Machine (Müller Records, Germany)
Arling & Cameron - Shake It
Jon Autry - Filling In the Blanks (Usonia, US / xjR EU)
Mark Verbos - Big Brother (Memory Boy, US)
San Serac - Love Tactics (Scatalogics Records , US)
Venue - Kate

Work for other artists (as engineer or co-producer)

Tommie Sunshine - Dance Among the Ruins/Head to Toe in Drag (Xylophone Jones, US)
Gabe Catanzaro - I Wonder Why (Viking, Switzerland)
Gabe Catanzaro - I can Still Remember (Memory Boy, US)
Crack (we are rock) - Animal Trap [Tommie Sunshine remix] - (Gigolo, Germany)
Ascii Disco - Einfach [Tommie Sunshine remix] (Lado, Germany)
Da Brat - Boom [Tommie Sunshine remix] (Arista, US)
Black Moustache - Spiritual West [Tommie Sunshine remix](Throbdisk, US)
Sleepwalker - Open My Head [Tommie Sunshine remix](Skint)
Vive la Fete - Maquillage [Tommie Sunshine remix] (Lowlands, Belgium)
Tok Tok vs. Soffy O. - Day of Mine [Tommie Sunshine remix](Atlantic, US)
Technova - I could have Sex [Tommie Sunshine remix](Hydrogen Dukebox, UK)
Sara Conner - He's Unbelievable [Tommie Sunshine remix](Sony, Germany)
Mount Simms - You know How We Do [Tommie Sunshine remix](Empiror Norton/Gigolo)
Manu De Bango - Night Dancing [Tommie Sunshine remix](Parisonic, France)
Hakan Lidbo - Truck Driver [Tommie Sunshine remix](Xylophone Jones, US)
Fischerspooner - the 15th [Tommie Sunshine remix](Capital, US)
The Faint - Let the Poison Spill [Tommie Sunshine remix](Astralworks, US)
Eurochrome - Future Spirit [Tommie Sunshine remix](Touch of Class, US)
Cat Gang Project - You Should Be There [Tommie Sunshine remix](Parisonic, France)
Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi [Tommie Sunshine remix](Arista, US)
Andy Hunter - Go [Tommie Sunshine remix](Nettwerk, Canada)
Kill Hannah - Kennedy [Tommie Sunshine remix](Atlantic, US)
Kill Hannah - Boys & Girls [Tommie Sunshine remix](Atlantic, US)
Tim Vitek - Ride the Light [DJ Unknown remix] (Xylophone jones, US)
Sissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb [Tommie Sunshine remix] (Polydor, UK)
POD – Will You [Tommie Sunshine remix](Atlantic, US) (also licensed to Gigolo, Germany)
Sweden - Break It Down [Tommie Sunshine Remix]
TigerBeat - Looking Good [Tommie Sunshine remix](Compost, Germany)
LouisXIV - Finding Out True Love is Blind [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Atlantic, US)
Atomizer - Ball & Chain [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Nag Nag Nag, UK)
The Most - Make Up [Tommie Sunshine Remix](BeautyCase, Germany)
VHS or Beta - Night On Fire [Tommies Sunshine Remix] (Astralwerks, US)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Island Def Jam, US)
T21 - Come in Paradise [Tommie Sushine Remix]
Fischerspooner - Just Let Go [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Capital, US)
Product.01 - Heart Ov Glass [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Compost, Germany)
Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Sony International)
Function - Semantics (Warm Up, Spain)
Bloom - Remote Control (Tommie Sunshine Remix)(Fighting Records, US)
Shout Out Louds - Comeback [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Capital, US)
Good Charlotte - The Chronicals of Life and Death [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Sony International)
Princess Superstar - My Machine [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (K7)
Kid Alex - Young and Beautiful [Tommie Sunshine remix]
Gang of Four - At Home he Feels Like a Tourist [Tommie Sunshine Remix]
Prarie Cartel - Keep Everybody Warm (2012, US)
My Robot Friend - 23 Minutes in Brussels [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Soma, UK)
Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Atlantic, US)
Le Visiteurs Feat. Tommie Sunshine - Time Slide By(Systematic, Germany)
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Universal, US)
Panic At The Disco - Applause [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Fueled by Ramen, US)
The Sounds - Tony The Beat [Tommie Sunshine Remix]
Kill Hannah - Lips Like Morphine [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Atlantic, US)
Glimmers - Frantic [Tommie Sunshine remix]
Fall Out Boy - Gin Joints [Tommie Sunshine Remix] (Atlantic, US)
The Hush Sound - Wine Red [Tommie Sunshine Remix]
Marc Romboy Feat Tommie Sunshine - Body Jack [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Systematic, Germany)
Greens Keepers - Polo Club [Tommie Sunshine Remix](Ohm, US)
Tobias Bernstrup - Killing Spree (Tonight Records, Sweden)
Jaimie Fanatic - EP (XJREU)
Kerowack - Naf Monk (XJREU)
The Gossip - Jealous Girls
Shiny Toy Guns - You Are the One [Tommie Sunshine Remixes] (Universal, US)
Tommie Sunshine - Dance Among the Ruins (Ultra, US)
Tommie Sunshine - Tokyo Pollution (Ultra, US)
Acid Jacks - Awake Since 78 (EJREU)
Hello Goodbye - Here In Your Arms [Tommie Sunshine Remixes](Drive Thru Records, US)
Under the Influence of Giants - Mama's Room [Tommie Sunshine Remixes](Island/Def Jam, US)
Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her [Tommie Sunshine Remix](K7, Germany)
Tobias Bernstrup - Pirates of The Internet (Tonight Records, Sweden)